A Regent’s education is a balanced education which means a breadth of co-curricular opportunities to choose from.To ensure our students are well-rounded global citizens the ECAs are designed to help them pick up life skills gained outside a classroom environment. 

There are a variety of activities, including a range of sports such as football, basketball, tennis, swimming, arts such as the school play, drama club, rock bands, jazz bands, individual music lessons, ensembles to school debating club, MUN and the International Award.

If you would like any information about ECA then please check our website and VLE or speak with our ECA coordinator.

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Yamaha Music School at Regent's

Yamaha at Regent's

Yamaha Music School for Regent's students and the community

Our partnership with Yamaha Music School Bangkok gives students the opportunity to further strengthen their music skills with the support of our qualified teaching staff.

During school hours students enjoy their music classes at the Yamaha Music School. With a range of Yamaha music instruments available, our students have the chance to select what interests them and develop their skill set with proper guidance from our talented teachers.

Yamaha Music School also provides special weekday and weekend courses for our students and local community.

Here is a list of the courses they offer:

  • Yamaha/Popular Piano Course

  • Classical/ Electric/ Electric Base/ Acoustic Guitar Courses

  • Ukulele Course

  • Drum Course

  • Vocal Course

  • Creative Music Course

  • Hip Hop/ Street Jazz/ Ballet Dance Courses

  • Acting course

For more information about these courses please call Khun Wun at 093 669 9249

For general inquiries email admissions-bkk@regents.ac.th or call 02 957 5777 ext. 202, 222, 092 362 8888





1. BAI creates and develops life skills for your athlete.

2. BAI practices in a fun and safe environment.

3. BAI promotes healthy individual competition along with teamwork.

4. BAI swimmers are more than teammates, they are family.

5. BAI athletes are taught the importance of hard work and dedication.

Click below to find out more and to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2OnHqjCjZugIw2gVbiw8-waM7fN0HMsXiqWxC2eDWn0MhFg/viewform

For more information, please contact

Email: business@regents.ac.th | Line@regentsschoolbkk


Learn to Swim:
For students who have little or no ability at swimming. This level focuses on the basic fundamentals of swimming.

For swimmers who have learnt the basics and would like to develop their skills further. This level is an introduction to squad training and will enhance fitness levels.

Club Junior:
For swimmers who have developed good skills and would like to train at a level that requires discipline and commitment. This level focuses on the finer points of swimming, such as reducing resistance in the water, resulting in greater speed and efficiency.

Club Senior:
For serious competitive swimmers who have learnt the skills required to compete in high-level competitions. 


BAI trains swim squads of all ages and at all levels, providing the highest level of coaching. Our coaching team consists of highly-qualified swimming coaches who have taught throughout South-East Asia. https://youtu.be/pm3BWaDx85c

For more information, please contact email: business@regents.ac.th

Line ID:@regentsschoolbkk

Tel. 081 522 9191



Extra Curricular Soccer Activity and Weekend Coaching Clinic by Premier League Football Academy

Academy Head Coach is Chuck Martini a former English Premier League player who has played for Tottenham Hotspurs FC, Wimbledon FC and Leicester City FC in the English Premier League and in the US Major League Soccer for Dallas. Mr Martini has played in many international tournaments including the 1994 World Cup held in the USA.

New Premier League Football Academy at Regent's International School, Bangkok

The new Premier League Football Academy will be open to all ages from Under 5 to Under 17.


Click below to find out more and to register:





We are excited to launch extra-curricular activities (ECAs) and private coaching with world-class tennis champion Khun Paradorn Srichaphan of PJ Tennis at Regent’s International School Bangkok in Term 1.  

Khun Paradorn was, formerly, number 1 in Thailand and number 9 in the world. He is joined in his team by former Australian junior number 1, Jed Gould, who has had 20 years of coaching experience in Australia. https://youtu.be/C9ycTtQATJM

On Tuesday 8th September our Early Years and Primary students were excited to participate in extra-curricular activities (ECA's) with world-class tennis champion Khun Paradorn Srichaphan of PJ Tennis at Regent’s International School, Bangkok. Khun Paradorn is Thailand's most famous ever tennis player. He was formerly number 1 in Thailand and was once seeded number 9 in the world. The coaching session was not only inspiring but fun-filled for our young tennis players.

PJ Tennis launched our first tennis group lesson for senior school students at Regent's International School Bangkok. As we do with our program we commenced the lesson working on the forehand technique. Our students now have some excellent technical understanding of the fundamentals - leg drive, stepping forward to the ball, and a high follow-through finishing at the shoulder. We look forward to continuing on with these programmes and forming a tennis team at the Regent's International School Bangkok.

For more information, please contact email: business@regents.ac.th

Line ID:@regentsschoolbkk

Tel. 081 522 9191



at Regent's

We are pleased to launch extra-curricular activities with Harper Golf at Regent's International School, Bangkok in Term 1. Harper Golf is all about children's education and well-being by led by Greg and Lee Harper and their assistant golf coaches.


Lee Harper is a fully qualified British PGA Golf Professional. Lee played amateur golf at University in America, which led on to playing 15 years of professional golf on tours in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Greg Harper is a former English teacher who most recently caddied professionally on the European and USPGA Tour.

Through golf students can develop their physical and mental skills learned in all aspects including numeracy, literacy, coordination, confidence, team building, fitness and well being. Harper Golf team will use equipment suited to each individual with oversized foam golf balls and regular-sized foam golf balls. https://youtu.be/zBXeNLRE8fc

For more information, please contact email: business@regents.ac.th

Line ID:@regentsschoolbkk

Tel. 081 522 9191



4 The Love Basketball is providing an ECA for Primary school children at Regent’s International School Bangkok. The ECA is a fun and innovative training format that allows children to develop their skills, simple team tactics, live playing opportunities in a fun and engaging format.  

All 4 The Love Basketball coaches are former professional players and coaches who speak fluent English. The main goals of this programme are to encourage participation for children of all ages and abilities, cultivate an affinity for basketball and sport, as well as helping all students to maximise their growth and potential. Registration is still open.
For more information, please contact Line@regentsschoolbkk



Regent’s International School Bangkok collaborates with ARKKI, the world’s Leading School of Skills & Creative Education for Children and Youth for the ECA programme.
Creativity develops when both sides of our child’s brain work simultaneously; drawing inspiration, learning from different subjects and applying them to invent or problem solve. Unlike traditional education that teaches subjects individually, ARKKI teaches STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in an integrated manner using advanced pedagogies such as DESIGN THINKING FOR KIDS and PHENOMENAL-BASED LEARNING. Creative education for future innovators!
We also offer a 10% discount special promotion! For more information, please contact :

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