Global Connect Scholarship Programme

The Programme

The scholarship scheme aims to bring together hard working and successful young people from different countries and a wide range of backgrounds to study and live together. The scholarship scheme has been running for 20 years and awards can be as large as 100% of fees and full boarding. 


Scholarship students will:

  • receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to study at a fully accredited international school whose graduates have received places from top universities in the world;

  • develop a sense of ‘global village’ and cultivate a true world-view;

  • enjoy living on a private international co-educational campus in a beautiful, safe tropical setting;

  • experience the personal challenge of studying whilst living away from home for a number of years;

  • contribute to their home country’s economic development by enriching the pool of expertise;

  • experience the vibrancy of Asian and Thai culture first hand;

  • study IGCSE (15-16) and IB Diploma Programme (17-18)  and graduate with qualifications with world-wide respect and value;

  • improve English to full fluency in a school where all teachers are native English speakers;

  • travel both in Thailand and beyond through the Regent’s enrichment programmes

  • make friends with students of internationally oriented families from over 35 different countries and establish a network of friends and contacts for life.